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Intake & Consultation

During our first meeting, I will talk with you, the parents/guardians/adult, to understand your perspective of what is happening and what has brought you to counseling.  Forms, background information, and consents will be taken care of before or at this first meeting.


Based on the intake process, I will devise a therapeutic plan for us to work on together.  This may include an estimated number of sessions, the types of sessions (family, individual, parents only, etc), and a treatment plan with goals.

Ongoing Support

As therapy continues, you may find that you need phone consultation, parent coaching, collaboration with the school setting, or a variety of other supports.  We will discuss additional services as treatment progresses.  

Closure & Check-In's 

As someone who will work closely with your child, family, or yourself, there will eventually come a time where treatment goals have been met and everyone is feeling balanced again.  While the intense therapeutic relationship may taper off at this point, our connection and work together does not stop.  People often ask for a check-in over time to make sure they, and their family, are still in a good place.  Once we have worked together, you are always welcome back for a check-in as life goes on.  

Mother and Son
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The thing about insurance....

I do not take insurance.  I don't do this to inconvenience clients-promise!

I am a small private practice.  It would take more of my time fighting with insurance companies and I would have far less time to treat clients.

In addition, insurance companies do not allow me to treat a potential client with any sort of clinical judgement.  Insurance companies will act in their best interest-not yours.

My hourly rates are:

Intake Session (60-75 minutes):  $110

Therapy Session (45 minutes):  $110

EMDR Session (45 minutes):  $110

Family/Couples Session (50 minutes):  $110

I accept cash, and all major credit cards.  I also accept HSA cards.

I am an out-of-network provider.  If you have benefits for OON providers, you can apply my fees to your benefits.  I will provide you with a bill of service, so you can turn it into your insurance for reimbursement.  Also, therapy sessions apply to most deductibles. 

If financial need is present, please communicate that to me.  I can work on a temporary sliding scale for clients in financial need.


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